Professional Golf Instructor, PGA

Jake Bader, PGA - Professional Golf Instructor

Jake Bader is the Professional Golf Instructor at Colwood Golf Center certifified by the Professional Golf Association (PGA).

Throughout the years and over 18,000 lessons taught Jake has had more than 45 juniors go on to play collegiately, 13 club champions and over 100 tournament wins. Jake believes in coaching to each students own individual goals and utilize the teaching method in which will work best per individual. Jake takes a comprehensive approach with his 5 star instructional program.

5 Instructional Program:

Ball striking

Short game


Course management

Mental approach 


“I really do love working with all levels of players and the rewards of watching them get to their own individual goals while keeping it simple and most importantly fun. There is no greater pleasure than seeing students play to their potential.”

- Jake Bader 

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Call for an appointment at: 360-261-8559

Email: [email protected]

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